Aloha, welcome to Maui. We’re the owners of  Maui Breeze Teez, as well as the Hana CD Guide and Maui Driving Map. We have a small Hawaii T-Shirt company with only three employees–all family. We strive to produce a high-quality T-Shirt at a sensible price.

Here are our current Maui T-Shirt designs. We have had many designs over our 25 years; these have been our most popular. You can purchase these tees at our two Maui locations.

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Craig & Charlene Henderson

Maui Breeze Teez



All T-Shirts $15...  XXL $18

“Survivor” T-Shirts for Maui’s 2 Famous Drives & Adventures.

Here’s information on the Hana Drive and the Haleakala Drive.

Maui Drinking Club
Maui T-Shirt design
Maui Barbeque design
Maui Party Man
Maui T-Shirt logo
Craig and Charlene Henderson
I Survived the Road to Hana
I Survived the Road to Hana, Maui
Haleakala Survivor design

FYI: Choke is a local slang word meaning plenty, as in “I had choke beers last night.”